Employment at Tamahay Camp

Young people become camp counselors for various reasons: to get experience working with people, to share their love of the out-of-doors with youngsters, to gain knowledge and skills for themselves, to spend part of their summer in a particular area, or for an number of reasons.

The position of counselor at Tamahay Camp for Girls consists of complete camper supervision, which includes teaching activities, working and eating with campers, and sleeping in the cabins with the campers. The reason for a counselor’s employment is to supervise and direct ALL camper activities. The teaching portion of a counselor’s job will be in an activity or activities in which the counselor has experience or interest. Counselors receive plenty of support and coaching from the administrative staff, but counselors design and implement the lesson plans. This structure makes Tamahay an excellent choice for anyone contemplating a career in teaching.

At Tamahay, we offer two and four week sessions for the campers who range in age from seven to sixteen. We accept a maximum of 36 campers per session. Counselors arrive during the second week of June, a week before the campers for orientation and planning. They stay until the third week of July, three days after the campers depart to assist with closing camp.

Camp counseling has never been a lucrative summer job. Anyone who has been in this position knows it is a constant, demanding, fun, short-term, and fulfilling job. If you accept a counseling position at Tamahay Camp for Girls, you will have a very valuable learning experience while enjoying five weeks in the north woods!

A link to our application is below. Feel free to send it by email to ellie@tamahay.com or send a paper copy through the U.S. mail.

If you have questions about our very special camp, please do not hesitate to contact us through the website or by phone at (208)652-3033.

Employment Application